Issue and Manage Documents Seamlessly

Issue and Manage Documents Seamlessly


  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporations and Employers
  • Individuals and Professionals
  • Government and Regulatory Bodies

Why Choose Us

Revolutionize digital credentialing with our blockchain powered platform. Redefining excellence, we provide a secure, transparent environment for creating, managing, and validating digital credentials. Step into the future of verification with us – setting a higher standard in credentialing evolution.

Cutting-Edge Blockchain Technology

Dedicated Support and Training

User-Friendly Interface

Industry Recognition

How It Works

Image 1

Step 1

Users can Sign in to the platform using their wallet or the usual google sign in.

Image 2

Step 2

Once sign-in is done, the user can either upload the document as images or verify the document previously tokenized using Pindown.

Image 3

Step 3

Users then transfer the documents to wallet address/addresses to which the document is to be issued

Affordable Pricing


Starter Plan

$0 / year

  • 10 Certificates
  • 1 Batch
  • No Customization
  • 1 Brand Image
  • No Design Support

Pro Plan

$449 / year

  • 1500 certificates
  • 20 Batches
  • Limited Customization
  • Image Gallery Access
  • Limited Design Support

Business Plan

Custom Pricing / year

  • 10000 Certificates
  • 50 Batches
  • Exclusive Custom Plan
  • Customization and Design Support
  • Image Gallery Access

Explore the future of document management with our innovative solutions, combining security and efficiency to revolutionize the way documents are issued and managed.